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Back To School Recycling Bin Fundraiser

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

Friends of Creation has decided to launch a new "back-to-school" fundraiser for local students and schools in Tigoni, Kenya, and surrounding areas!

We are aiming to provide education about the environment, and how to care for it, while also providing opportunities to give back to the families of the school children.

As you may or may not know, Friends of Creation runs a program called Green Teams. Our Director for this program, Faith, goes out to local schools in the Tigoni and Limuru area and holds educational events, seminars, fellowship studies, and organizes clean-up events for trash and waste. After a recent meeting with the management and outreach team for FOC, Lydiah (our Founder + CEO) came up with the idea to start running a Green Teams school fundraiser! We are always looking for ways to increase our outreach within the community and are excited about the impact this fundraiser could have on local schools. Currently, our focus is on the public schools in our area.

We strongly believe that adding recycling bins to classrooms will encourage and incentivize teachers, students, and school staff members by creating the opportunity to earn much-needed materials and supplies for education.

The Nitty-Gritty Details:

Students, teachers, school staff, and even parents will participate in gathering trash from the school grounds and on their walks to class/work every day. Some schools have anywhere from 700 to 1200 kids who walk to school daily. Once deposited into the recycling bins, our Green Teams volunteers will come by to pick up the trash, empty the bins and take it back to the Friends Of Creation recycling plant. Once a week the trash that is collected will be weighed, and the profits from selling the recycled materials will go back to the school so that teachers and students can get access to the materials they need for continued education.

Job Shortage In Tigoni

With the completion of the recycling plant onsite at the FOC compound, we will bring over 200+ jobs and additional income to the area. These jobs are desperately NEEDED due to droughts and underpaid tea workers who are unable to support their families. Creating the Recycling Bin Fundraiser is just one small part of the puzzle when it comes to creating a steady stream of reliable careers for local workers.

If you would like to support the completion of our recycling plant, please visit THIS PAGE for more information.

Impact #1: Education

The key to positive environmental change is to educate and promote recycling and reuse. The Green Teams program and Recycling Bin Fundraiser encourages school children to consider how pollution can damage the environment and what choices they can make to help to reduce this damage.

“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”

-George Bernard Shaw

Impact #2: Sensitization

It's a difficult task to create a sense of desire or responsibility in someone's heart. We don't all care about the same things in life, but there are a few common things that we SHOULD. The Earth that we live on is one of them. Adding recycling bins and education programs will sensitize students, staff, and the community at large on the importance of reducing waste. It will be a lot easier to deal with rubbish problems if everyone cares and gets involved!

Impact #3: Cleaner Environment

The bins in their classrooms will provide opportunities for teachers/students to not only help in cleaning the schools but also the community around them. A cleaner environment will give tutors an excellent head-start to impart knowledge to learners.

Impact #4: Equip + Empower

Our desire is to give the next generation the tools, ideas, and logic to make sound decisions with regard to environmental best practices.

- Eliminate open burning and burying of waste in school landfills.

- Promotes growth through incentives.

So How Can YOU Help?

Great question! We're glad you asked. We are now accepting one-time and recurring donations to "adopt a bin". You will have the option to either provide the funds needed for the purchase + setup of a new bin, or to help support the recurring cost to maintain the bin and provide education opportunities for schools. If you would like to support the construction of the recycling plant, please reach out to us via email for more information or add a memo when you sign up for a monthly donation!

"The school curriculum here doesn't put much focus on the environment conservations programs at all and that's the gap that Friends of Creation is trying to bridge because it's these kids' future that will suffer and they need to actively participate in restoring it." - FOC Founder & CEO, Lydiah Njoki.

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