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The sad state of affairs...and what we are doing about it!

If you live in Kenya, you know at least one if not many people who are currently unemployed, not for any reason other than...there are simply no jobs. The unemployment rates continue to rise as inflation hits an all-time high. The hardest hit by this sad reality are young people aged 20-29. On Monday this week, over 7000 youth showed up for the Kenya Defence Forces recruitment exercise in Embakasi with hopes of being among the 350 who would be recruited. While I'd like to see it as a show of patriotism and willingness to defend our beautiful nation...I must acknowledge the desperation that fuels most of these young people. It is heartbreaking.

Ebakasi KDF Recruitment Exercise on Monday, 18th September 2023

Our heart for job creation.

Friends of Creation seeks to take care of not just the environment, but even more importantly, the people who inhabit it. How can we ask people to plant trees, when they don't have food? We are Friends of Creation and human beings, we believe, are the most precious of all creation. Therefore, it is impossible for us to ignore the sad reality of unemployment in Kenya

The Opportunity

Kenya imports an average of 20,000 tons of plastic each year. This figure is projected to grow at a rate of 10% annually. However, only 5% of this plastic waste ends up being recycled. Where does the rest end up? You only need to look around your neighbourhood to answer that question. Plastic waste is everywhere...on roadsides, in dumpsites, in rivers...IT IS EVERYWHERE!

We see the high volume of available recyclable plastic waste as an opportunity to take care of the environment while creating much-needed employment opportunities.

Get Involved

We are looking for individuals who are passionate about the environment and are interested in turning this passion into profit.

Join our "Taka ni Mali" Programme

Under the "taka ni mali" programme, individuals will act as independent contractors to collect and accumulate recyclables for Friends of Creation. These independent contractors, otherwise referred to as FOC agents will be compensated according to the volume of recyclables they submit to friends of creation.

All you need to get started is available space for storage of collected materials. Easy...right?

If interested in learning more about our "taka ni mali" programme, please get in touch with us via email at or send a WhatsApp message to 0705764614 starting with the words, "TAKA NI MALI"

Others are doing it!

In a world full of scams promising instant success, it is okay to have doubts. This programme does not promise instant success, however, with the right mindset...this could serve as a dependable source of income for you.

Kamau (not his real name) is an FOC agent. Every week he brings to friends of creation a tuk-tuk full of recyclables. Upon arrival, our waste management team weighs it and it will typically range from 275 kilograms and sometimes up to up to 470 kilograms. Kamau takes home an average of 13,000 shillings for every load of recyclables he brings to Friends of Creation. It only costs him about 500 shillings to hire a tuk-tuk, so, I think Kamau goes home a happy man. Kamau plays a crucial role in conserving the environment, he is cleaning up his neighbourhood, one plastic container at a time. Moreover, he has been able to turn his passion into profit. This could be your story too.

Are you interested in becoming an FOC Agent like Kamau?

Send us an email at or send a WhatsApp message to 0705764614 starting with the words, "TAKA NI MALI"

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