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Friends Of Creation was founded with one goal in mind- to take care of the environment that we have been given. This includes the planet, as well as the people who live here with us! This is why it has always been our desire to welcome visitors, spread awareness through business cooperation programs, educate with events, and assist in hosting mission trips to Kenya.

We want you to share in the bounty that God has blessed us with here in Tigoni!


If you have been thinking of visiting or are interested in getting involved with our mission with your own two hands, please feel free to reach out to us. We would love to talk to you about hosting a trip for you, your team at work, some friends, or even a group from your church/organization.


We have a beautifully cared-for compound in the heart of Tigoni, Kenya that is ready to host your next adventure. With tons of greenery, beautiful views, and a fully fenced yard, this property is just begging to be enjoyed by visitors, mission-trip leaders, and conference organizers!

The yard and house are tended to year-round, and we have full-size vehicles available to chauffeur, as well as boda drivers to run errands or deliveries as needed.



On the property we have a large house that can easily accommodate up to 25-30 people. There are private rooms available, as well as rooms with several bunk beds (summer camp style), spacious bathrooms, common rooms, reading nooks, balconies, a formal dining room, and much more!

Most rooms even come with a fireplace for the chilly/rainy days here in Tigoni.

We have a full staff to take care of everything you might need; from lawn care, to cooking meals. 


Our property is located in the heart of Tigoni, Limuru Kenya. 

With easy access to the Friends Of Creation compound where our nurseries and recycling plant are being built, you will have the opportunity to really make a difference in the neighborhood through acts of service.

Once you've worked a hard day giving back to the community, you can relax by the waterfalls, drink chai tea at Nifty Cafe, or have a fresh brick-oven pizza at Brackenhurst Resort (all within a 5-minute drive).



Most importantly, if you decide to visit us, you will have so many amazing opportunities to experience things you never thought you would!

Not only will we work with you to establish an itinerary set up to optimize your time with us, but you will also have the ability to explore everything from the Tigoni tea fields, to the amazing animals of the Masai Mara on a guided safari.

We believe it's just as important to enjoy our creation, as it is to work for its betterment. We want you to have the opportunity to hike beautiful trails, enjoy drinks and snacks under our many waterfalls in the area, or just read a good book by the fireplace while you watch the rain. It's up to you!


We also invite and highly encourage cooperation from local businesses in Kenya. If you are looking for some good CSR, then come join us for some tree planting, upcycling activities, fun enrichment/learning games, nature walks, and blessing needy communities around us with food and/or clothing.

Corporate Social Responsibility, or CSR, helps to boost your company’s public image and reputation among your employees because many people choose to work for a business that does good in the community.
Benefits of CSR can include improved employee attraction and retention, customer growth, and increased investor dollars.

Fill out our contact form below if you're interested!

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